School of Design

Design is a core aspect of human expression. Every physical and virtual space humans have created has been crafted by a designer.

Good design improves the way people experience the world.

The world needs architects, interior designers, and graphic designers who can combine strong technical skills with creativity, leadership skills, and a focus on the public interest.

At Dunwoody, you begin learning what it takes to meet the needs of the world — and industry — your first semester on campus.

Your class sizes will be small — both for your major and your general ed and electives. You’ll use industry-standard software and equipment and have access to a fabrication lab and a print shop.

You will work on projects with real clients and receive feedback from working professionals. As you move through your degree program, you will build a strong portfolio that shows both the technical expertise you have gained and your ability to creatively problem solve. You’ll also gain real-world experience through field trips, industry speakers, and internship opportunities.

Conversations in Equity & Design Speaker Series

An inaugural lecture series focusing on questions of ethics, equity, justice, and culture in relation to design practices and education.

Watch the Series

Contact Dean and Department Directors


Trevor Bullen

Dean of School of Design

Phone: 612.381.8151


Maura Rogers

Director of Architecture

Phone: 612.381.8110


Korrin Howard

Director of Interior Design and Graphic Design

Phone: 612.381.8157