Computer Science

New for Fall 2021! Flexible scheduling: students in Computer Technology programs can choose which of their major classes they take in person on campus and which they take online. Whether it’s all on-campus courses, all
online, or a mix, create the schedule that works best for you.

A Computer Science degree designed to build professional experience and connections

The best way to build a lasting career in information technology (IT) is to combine knowledge with practical, on the job experience. Dunwoody’s Computer Science degree is a bachelor’s completion degree geared towards students who have prior education and are currently working in the field–or hope to be.

  1. Students transfer in an AAS degree in computer technology/IT/computer science or however many credits (up to 60) they have whether they have a two-year degree or not. This includes Dunwoody’s degrees in computer networking and web programming.
  2. Flexible cohort model: networking is key. You’ll work with a cohort of other computer science students who start their degree in industry. But just like in industry, Dunwoody’s flexible scheduling and focus on project-based learning means that who you work with will change as you progress through your degree.
  3. Hands-on learning: learning foundational IT principles is important. Being able to apply them to the real-world is what makes you a success.
  4. Students are encouraged to work part- or full-time so they gain IT job experience while completing their degree. Computer Science faculty and Career Services are available to advise students on finding employment or upgrading their current positions.

Build a digital toolbox

The IT field is always changing. Dunwoody faculty are continuously getting feedback from industry so coursework focuses on where the industry is heading–not where it’s already been.

You’ll also learn how to cope with working in such a dynamic industry by building a toolbox of skills and work habits that you will be able to rely on throughout your career.

Knowing specific, current programming languages or networking technologies are important. Being able to accomplish the following is what will build your resume and lead to success:

  • ability to analyze in relation to business goals and risks
  • ability to prepare and communicate recommendations to management
  • ability to improve efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations

For anyone with a networking, programming, or databases background

Whatever you chose to focus on with your two-year degree or transfer credits, Dunwoody’s Computer Science bachelor completion degree will help you round out your prior study and work experience so you’re equipped to take on more senior or management positions.

Key areas of study include:

  • IT security
  • management information systems
  • operations management
  • project management
  • computer architecture

Degree Requirements

To view program requirements, including required courses, electives, course descriptions, and credit hours, visit:

College Catalog: Computer Science

Recent Employers of Graduates

Companies that hire our graduates include:

  • UnitedHealth Group/Optum
  • Accenture
  • ditech

Common Job Titles

Possible job titles upon graduation include:

  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Network Systems Analyst

Student Organizations

Opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom include:

  • Game Development Club
  • Open Source Group
  • SkillsUSA

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