Transfer Information

Transfer Evaluation

Dunwoody accepts course credits from other regionally or nationally accredited higher education institutions. Transfer evaluations done by other institutions are not accepted. Only course work earned at the institution issuing the official transcript will be evaluated. Courses will be considered for transfer if they meet the following criteria.

  1. Send official transcripts from all previously attended colleges to Admissions department.
  2. Registrar’s Office evaluates official transcripts for potential transfer credits.
  3. Students will be notified of their evaluation via their Dunwoody email address.

Students may be asked to provide a syllabus listing the course description and competencies of coursework.

Students can see the transfer credits on their Academic Plan and Dunwoody transcript at Transfer courses will have a grade of TR. Transfer credits will not be computed into cumulative GPA. However, they will impact student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress pace for completion.

For an unofficial look at which of your credits my transfer to Dunwoody, visit Transferology. Note: which of your courses will show up as transferable will vary by which program you want to transfer to.

Transfer Requirements

  • The course(s) under consideration must be comparable in nature, content and level to a course offered by Dunwoody.
  • The minimum grade for transfer coursework is a grade of C except for the following:
    • Biology, anatomy and physiology for Health Sciences programs need to have a minimum grade of B.
    • Certain technical courses will need a minimum grade of B depending on the department requirements.
  • Only these specific credits taken within the last 5 years will be reviewed:
    • Technical
    • Mathematics
    • Health care specific biology, anatomy, and physiology
  • Only software-specific classes taken within the past 3 years will be reviewed.
  • Technical transfer credits for the Radiologic Technology program will not be accepted.
  • Experiential Learning such as study abroad, independent study, workshops, field experience, and internships may or may not transfer, depending on the level and the comparability of the learning experience.
  • Upper division credit transfer can be only accepted if courses were in upper division at the previous institution.

International Transcripts

For additional requirements for transcripts from international students, see the International Transcripts section of the Transfer Students page of the College Catalog & Student Handbook.