The Kate Dunwoody Society is a network of people united to create equal opportunities for the Women of Dunwoody. Students, alumni, staff, faculty, friends, and community members are invited to join.

Our goals include:

  • Form a community to expand opportunities for women in careers in technology and the trades.
  • Identify and address barriers to women in the technical industries that Dunwoody serves.
  • Provide a supportive network that facilitates pathways to success.
  • Enabling and inspiring the “Women of Dunwoody” to reach their full potential.

The Kate L. Dunwoody Society was created in recognition and honor of the vision and generosity of Kate L. Dunwoody, whose leadership opened doors for women.

About Kate Dunwoody: Born in 1841, Kate was a visionary leader, a pioneer for women, and a philanthropist. Kate was a trusted advisor to her husband, William Dunwoody, a community business leader, volunteer and philanthropist. Kate and William donated their first Minneapolis home to provide safe room, board, and meals to young women coming to the Minneapolis area from rural areas, and also offered educational opportunities and jobs. Run by the WCA (today known as the YWCA), the Kate Dunwoody House operated for 84 years

Kate Dunwoody Society Luncheon

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 | Noon – 1:30 P.M.

Golden Valley Country Club
7001 Golden Valley Rd.
Golden Valley, MN

Please join us at the Kate Dunwoody Society Luncheon as we celebrate and support women pursuing careers in technology and the trades. This year’s event features extraordinary women who are inspiring others to pursue their owns paths to success. Your support will help provide scholarships for women students at Dunwoody College.

The luncheon program will highlight the new Pathways to Careers (P2C) program’s exciting mission to attract, train, and graduate underserved and underrepresented populations in close partnership with community, businesses, and industries. Through its youth outreach, the P2C program will benefit women by increasing awareness among young women of color of the high-pay, high-demand careers available as a Dunwoody graduate.

The scholarship funds raised at the luncheon will help with the mission of removing the financial barriers for all women students at Dunwoody College.

Keynote Speaker:
Jayshree Seth, Ph.D., Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate, 3M Company

Jayshree Seth is a Corporate Scientist at 3M and leads Applied Technology Development for Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division. She joined 3M in 1993 after an MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University, New York, and she currently holds 72 patents for a variety of innovations with several additional pending. Jayshree is a Distinguished Alumni Award recipient from her alma mater REC Trichy India, now NIIT Trichy, where she earned a B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering.

Jayshree was appointed 3M’s first ever Chief Science Advocate in 2018 and is using her scientific knowledge, technical expertise and professional experience to advance science and communicate the importance and benefits of science in everyday life. She is also a member of Carlton Society which is the 3M Science and Engineering ‘Hall of Fame.’ Jayshree is the 4th woman and 1st female engineer to be inducted. In 2020, she was awarded Society of Women Engineers (SWE) highest Achievement Award. Jayshree is the author of the book, The Heart of Science – Engineering Footprints, Fingerprints, & Imprints, published by the Society of Women Engineers, and all the sales proceeds go to a scholarship for underrepresented minority women in STEM. She also featured in a docuseries titles “Not the Science Type” that premiered during the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. Jayshree has two adult children and her husband is also a 3Mer.

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