Dunwoody’s Industry Mentorship Program

Dunwoody is seeking professional women to serve as mentors for students in the WITC program!

Mentors will be matched with a student pursuing a similar career. Mentors will provide individual attention to their mentees and help support them by sharing job searching advice, industry information, and personal experiences that help prepare them for life after graduation.

Professionals in the following fields are preferred:

  • Architecture
  • Automated Systems, Controls, and Robotics
  • Welding & Metal Fabrication
  • Engineering Drafting & Design/CAD
  • Software Engineering
  • Construction Management

If you would like to be considered as a mentor for the 2021-22 school year, please fill out the form below.

WITC Mentor Job Description

Qualified Mentors:

  • Can commit to a six month mentoring relationship
  • Are women working in the following technical STEM fields – Automotive, Computer Technology, Construction Science, Robotics, Manufacturing, and Engineering
  • Are interested in building a positive, supportive relationship with a current Dunwoody student

Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Attend a mentor orientation in September
  • Attend the Industry Mentor Program launch in October
  • Meet with student in-person at least once per month
  • Commit to a six month mentor relationship with student
  • Touch base with student via email, phone, or text at least once per week
  • Act as a resource and guide
  • Be willing to communicate regularly with the program manager and attend additional program events as able.

Time Commitment:

  • 1-3 hours each month


  • Personal fulfillment through contribution to an individual student and the larger industry
  • Satisfaction in helping a student achieve her goals
  • Training sessions and group activities

Become a Mentor

Ready to become a mentor? Complete the Industry Mentor application below. Applicants will be interviewed and matched with students in early fall.

WITC Industry Mentor Application

WITC Industry Mentor Application

Mailing Address
(Our goal is to build a diverse group of mentors. Leave demographic questions blank if you are not comfortable providing this information.)
(e.g. low-income background, single parent, woman of color, and/or a woman working in a male-dominated environment


Photo of Maggie Whitman

Maggie Whitman

Associate Director of Women’s Initiatives

Phone: 612.381.3362

Location: witc@dunwoody.edu