Arts & Sciences

Arts & Sciences helps students acquire the critical thinking, creative problem solving, and professional communications skills required by the modern workplace.

By partnering Arts & Sciences courses with technical coursework, students gain a well-rounded education as well as develop broad thinking and communication skills and a better understanding of the world around them.

Courses from the Arts & Sciences Department are integrated into students academic plans based on their technical program of study and are taught by instructors with academic expertise in their subject areas.

The Arts & Sciences curriculum provides 15 to 47 credits of courses for each technical degree program. The number and type of Arts & Sciences courses a student takes depends on the requirement of their specific major and concentration. Academic Advisors work with students to ensure their Arts & Sciences courses align with their academic degree plan and their transfer courses.

J-TERM is a three week intensive learning opportunity to enroll in a general education course in either Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Communications, Math, or Science.

Enrolling in a J-TERM course will lighten your credit load during the regular semester.

We do recommend that students enroll in no more than two J-TERM courses due to the compact learning time frame. All classes are two credit offerings and will be offered in an online format.

Students can register for these classes at the same time as they register for Spring Semester.

The Department offers courses in four different content areas:


Communication classes are designed to help the student become a professional and effective communicator both verbally and in written form.  Classes include English Composition, Speech, Professional Communications, etc.

Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities classes are designed to strengthen critical and analytical thinking and to broaden the student’s perspective of the human experience. Classes include Drawing, Philosophy, Ethics, Creative Expression, etc.

Social Sciences

Social Science classes are designed to provide an understanding of the world at large and the scientific study of human society and social relationships.  Classes include Economics, Psychology, Global Studies, etc.

Math and Sciences

Math and Sciences classes are designed to give students a solid foundation of mathematical and scientific processes and phenomenon. Classes include Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, etc.

Summer Classes

Want to pick up a few credits over summer? Check out the various courses offered in Arts & Humanities, Communications, Social Science, or Math & Science divisions.

Dunwoody offers two summer sessions one in June and one in July.


The Arts & Sciences faculty hold masters and/or doctorate degrees in their various specialties.

Contact Arts & Sciences

Ann Iverson

Director of Arts, Humanities, Communications, and Social Sciences

Phone: 612.381.3088

Tom Finnegan

Director of Math & Sciences

Phone: 612.381.3430