Becoming a Faculty Member

What it’s like to work at Dunwoody

Dunwoody employs more than 250 collaborative, fun, and caring people. Around 95 of these employees are full-time faculty members, and 70 are part-time adjunct instructors.

Each and every one of our employees are dedicated to a supportive work environment and the success of our students. And the numbers show! 98% of our graduates secure a job in their field each year. And with an 11:1 student to faculty ratio, Dunwoody students find that faculty genuinely care for them and are invested in their futures.

Many faculty members in our technical programs come straight from industry. Here at Dunwoody, we teach industry experts how to become teachers. This training, combined with your knowledge of the industry, opens up a whole new career path you may never even have known was possible!

Teaching you to teach

To ensure your effectiveness as an educator, you will participate in a comprehensive, well-rounded Faculty Development program. The program consists of group training, continuing education courses, workshops, development sessions, and observation.

Dunwoody Faculty Development Program

New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Orientation prepares new instructors for their first semester of teaching.

Topics covered include:

  • Skills and techniques that facilitate learning
  • Making informed teaching decisions
  • Dunwoody’s approach to hands-on education

Teacher Educational Courses

In order to familiarize new instructors with the world of teaching, full-time faculty members are required to take a Teacher Educational series of courses (unless they already hold a degree in education). This is also strongly recommended for adjunct and part-time faculty.

Courses may transfer to a graduate degree.

All–Faculty In-Service Workshops

Once per year, Dunwoody holds an all-day workshop for faculty. This workshop is an opportunity to discuss beginning of the academic year topics and share goals and reflections.

Monthly Faculty Development Sessions

Every month during the academic year, the Faculty Development Program hosts a faculty development session. These sessions focus on high-interest, current topics related to classroom instruction.

Collaborative Teaching Observations

Faculty are asked to participate in at least one teaching observation annually. These observations often lead to improved instructional practice and new ideas.

Dunwoody Recognition and Growth Programs

Leadership Development

Dunwoody’s Human Resources Department offers an annual Leadership Development Program that is open to all employees. This program helps interested employees strengthen their leadership competencies.

Areas of emphasis for the program include knowing and understanding one’s strengths and impact, building effective relationships, and better understanding the higher education landscape.

Celebrating Employee Success

Success stories about Dunwoody faculty accomplishments are always welcomed to be included in Dunwoody College News and/or shared on Dunwoody’s social media platforms.

Past employee success stories have highlighted:

  • Employee-written commentaries or research articles published by outside trade publications
  • Employees presenting at local and national conferences
  • Volunteer work and/or class service projects

Annual Service Awards

At the end of each academic year, Dunwoody presents several awards to deserving faculty.

These awards include:

  • Distinguished Teacher Award
  • Outstanding Academic Innovation Award
  • Instructor of the Year Award
  • Crosby Fellowship for Learning Excellence and Innovation Award
  • William H. and Kate Dunwoody Outstanding Service Award


Living in the Twin Cities

Located in an artistic and vibrant area on the western edge of downtown Minneapolis, our urban campus is surrounded by restaurants, shops, and the recognizable Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden. Whether you are new to the Cities or new to the area, we’re certain you’ll find that Minneapolis offers more than you ever imagined.